Tasty Blog!

4 05 2007

I found a tasty blog, on some australian index for blogs, which just happened to be about tasty things such as :


Makes me want to go to the milawa winery place this weekend.. though maybe they’ll be at the grampians grape escape..

There’s no doubt heaps of fantastic places to go and eat in country victoria. When I travelled around tasmania with my girl last year there was lots of places to visit.

Something I should totally do more often. 🙂


I feel so.. cheated

12 04 2007

How could i have missed this when i was in New York? Information overload, and poor tourist information i’m sure.

GC Sanwhich

I want one immediately.

I did however make it to Pizzeria Una in Chicago, so i did get a bit of US specialty culture that way. And then there was  Virgils.

Spewing alot.

Free range type farm goodness

11 04 2007

I’ve got to say, there’s something to be said for free range food. I recently spied KR Castlemaine Bred-Free ham, and i have to say it’s really good. Better tasting even than the other stuff i buy for work which is usually Don. Ham is ham, right? I don’t think so. I think there is something in free-range food other than that it’s typically more expensive (though, this wasn’t) and that it’s nicer for the animals. You should give it a try. 🙂

I’ve also bought smiley eggs from the supermarket which are good (sunnyvale/dale farm or somesuch) , much tastier than the regular kind of eggs. A mate of mine Cris who i go to the gym with put me onto Bio-Dynamic eggs (i forget the brand) which are even better.. though you have to buy them from the market. Interestingly, bio-dynamic eggs have more of a yellow yolk than other eggs that i’ve had.


Noble Rise Bread with bred-free ham and vintage cheese with margarine and english mustard. Tasty alot. 🙂

Weekends and Websites

10 04 2007

It’s a funny thing when the whole world takes a holiday.. the western part anyway. Most of our holidays here are Australia-only or Melbourne-only so i’m unused to the idea that everyone else shouldn’t keep updating websites that i like while i go on holiday.

On easter though, it’s like the world just took a big break. Probably because of public holidays. I assume they have them everywhere, but we get easter friday (good friday?) and easter monday off, for some religious reason i fail to grasp. Having a four day weekend is awsome though, and i can’t complain.

Especially when thursday was a holiday of sorts as well. My work had their 10 year anniversary, so they took us to yearling station in the yarra ranges (east of melbourne) for a boozy lunch at a winery. The food was good, but as we were a large group they’d told us that we could only have three choices.. and the choices picked left a bit to be desired. Sure they weren’t bad, but weren’t fantastic either. Vegetarians have a lot to answer for, the two of them took 1/3 of our food choices!

Work 10 Year Anniversary

Still, was a good meal and a great day, and i’d reccomend the place to anyone. Last night went to Monk & Me, a Malaysian resteraunt in Camberwell which was pretty good, no pictures though. Kate – my aunt who’s younger than me – got a job in Launceston (Tasmania) so it was kindof a farewell for her. She got a job down there as a vet, had been having trouble finding a job locally. I’m sure it’d go well. I had fun in launceston when i was there last year (feb 06), though their food and wine ‘festivale’ probably had much to do with it. 😉


Hello world!

4 04 2007

Hallo from the world of Mikey.

Hope this turns out to be interesting, its only a little side project at this point.

We’ll see.