Work Eggs ala Mikey

31 05 2007

Ingredients :
2 eggs
2 slices of bread
butter / margarine
1 slice of cheese
your favorite seasoning (i used chilli from a jar this morning)

Utensils required
sandwich toaster

0. turn on sandwich toaster
1. grease both sides of the two slices of bread
2. Cut circular holes into the middle of both slices. then put all onto sandwich toaster separately.
3. grease the center of the holes in the bread, then crack an egg into each.
4. with a knife, butter the top heating element of the sandwich toaster. If you skip this the egg will stick.
5. give it like, a minute and a half, then close the sandwich toaster
6. this depends on your toaster, can be anywhere from 40-60 seconds, but usually any more than a minute and you’ll overdo the eggs.
7. open toaster, put cheese and your favorite seasoning onto one slice, and put other slice on top, so that you’ve got a sandwich with an egg in each slice of bread, and melted cheese and tasty in the middle. Wink
8. put all onto plate, eat and enjoy (use little circles you cut out to dip into runny egg)


I’d have another but i’m out of eggs. Wink


Weekends and Websites

10 04 2007

It’s a funny thing when the whole world takes a holiday.. the western part anyway. Most of our holidays here are Australia-only or Melbourne-only so i’m unused to the idea that everyone else shouldn’t keep updating websites that i like while i go on holiday.

On easter though, it’s like the world just took a big break. Probably because of public holidays. I assume they have them everywhere, but we get easter friday (good friday?) and easter monday off, for some religious reason i fail to grasp. Having a four day weekend is awsome though, and i can’t complain.

Especially when thursday was a holiday of sorts as well. My work had their 10 year anniversary, so they took us to yearling station in the yarra ranges (east of melbourne) for a boozy lunch at a winery. The food was good, but as we were a large group they’d told us that we could only have three choices.. and the choices picked left a bit to be desired. Sure they weren’t bad, but weren’t fantastic either. Vegetarians have a lot to answer for, the two of them took 1/3 of our food choices!

Work 10 Year Anniversary

Still, was a good meal and a great day, and i’d reccomend the place to anyone. Last night went to Monk & Me, a Malaysian resteraunt in Camberwell which was pretty good, no pictures though. Kate – my aunt who’s younger than me – got a job in Launceston (Tasmania) so it was kindof a farewell for her. She got a job down there as a vet, had been having trouble finding a job locally. I’m sure it’d go well. I had fun in launceston when i was there last year (feb 06), though their food and wine ‘festivale’ probably had much to do with it. 😉