More Cheese

10 07 2007

Went to the Richmond Hill Cheese Larder for lunch on Sunday, and I was in for a treat.

I had Baghdad Eggs, which were biodynamic eggs cooked with lemon and garlic, then served on toasted flatbread with cumin and mint, it was awesome ! 🙂 I must go back again.

Being a cheese larder, i also picked up a few cheeses.

St Agur Cheese

This is a St Agur Blue chees, which i believe is from France. It wasn’t a ‘strong’ blue cheese, but was quite mild and flavoursome without being overbearing. Very tasty.

Ossau Iraty

This one was called Ossau Iraty, and it was a kindof hard-ish cheese that was made from ewe’s (as in the sheep). It was also very tasty. I’m going to have to get a better cheese taste vernacular, as just saying it was good doesn’t really say much. Might have to read some more reviews!

I also got a goats cheese, but alas the image was not as good.

I can highly recommend the Richmond Hill Cheese Larder as a place for general tastyness. I’d link to their website, but it doesn’t do them justice. It’s at the punt road end of Bridge Road in Melbourne.



Thoughts on Cheese

27 06 2007

The Persian Fetta from Yarra Valley Cheeses is pretty good, went out there a few weeks ago. Their other stuff wasn’t bad but nothing to write home about i thought. Their Goats Cheese camembert (could have been brie) was really nice.. just a bit boring. 😉
Persian Fetta

Jindi cheese seems to do pretty well for the most part (even though you find them at coles)
Their Supreme (costs like 8 bux)
Jindi Supreme

Want to try this :

“On face value you might take it for a fearsomely flavoured blue but you’d be in for a surprise. It’s not highly scented, the goat milk adds a sweetness to the cheese and the blue just brings in another flavour. It’s quite sticky and creamy in the mouth, with a pleasant lingering flavour.”*

Which is Strzelecki Goat’s Blue from Tarago River – the same people that make Shadows of Blue :love:

Both the last two come from gippsland but i haven’t yet worked out if they have cafe’s or whatever to visit.

I like cheese 😀

ps Images and * ripped from the tasty blog to your right.. 🙂

Work Eggs ala Mikey

31 05 2007

Ingredients :
2 eggs
2 slices of bread
butter / margarine
1 slice of cheese
your favorite seasoning (i used chilli from a jar this morning)

Utensils required
sandwich toaster

0. turn on sandwich toaster
1. grease both sides of the two slices of bread
2. Cut circular holes into the middle of both slices. then put all onto sandwich toaster separately.
3. grease the center of the holes in the bread, then crack an egg into each.
4. with a knife, butter the top heating element of the sandwich toaster. If you skip this the egg will stick.
5. give it like, a minute and a half, then close the sandwich toaster
6. this depends on your toaster, can be anywhere from 40-60 seconds, but usually any more than a minute and you’ll overdo the eggs.
7. open toaster, put cheese and your favorite seasoning onto one slice, and put other slice on top, so that you’ve got a sandwich with an egg in each slice of bread, and melted cheese and tasty in the middle. Wink
8. put all onto plate, eat and enjoy (use little circles you cut out to dip into runny egg)


I’d have another but i’m out of eggs. Wink

Tasty Blog!

4 05 2007

I found a tasty blog, on some australian index for blogs, which just happened to be about tasty things such as :


Makes me want to go to the milawa winery place this weekend.. though maybe they’ll be at the grampians grape escape..

There’s no doubt heaps of fantastic places to go and eat in country victoria. When I travelled around tasmania with my girl last year there was lots of places to visit.

Something I should totally do more often. 🙂

I feel so.. cheated

12 04 2007

How could i have missed this when i was in New York? Information overload, and poor tourist information i’m sure.

GC Sanwhich

I want one immediately.

I did however make it to Pizzeria Una in Chicago, so i did get a bit of US specialty culture that way. And then there was  Virgils.

Spewing alot.

Free range type farm goodness

11 04 2007

I’ve got to say, there’s something to be said for free range food. I recently spied KR Castlemaine Bred-Free ham, and i have to say it’s really good. Better tasting even than the other stuff i buy for work which is usually Don. Ham is ham, right? I don’t think so. I think there is something in free-range food other than that it’s typically more expensive (though, this wasn’t) and that it’s nicer for the animals. You should give it a try. 🙂

I’ve also bought smiley eggs from the supermarket which are good (sunnyvale/dale farm or somesuch) , much tastier than the regular kind of eggs. A mate of mine Cris who i go to the gym with put me onto Bio-Dynamic eggs (i forget the brand) which are even better.. though you have to buy them from the market. Interestingly, bio-dynamic eggs have more of a yellow yolk than other eggs that i’ve had.


Noble Rise Bread with bred-free ham and vintage cheese with margarine and english mustard. Tasty alot. 🙂