Thoughts on Cheese

27 06 2007

The Persian Fetta from Yarra Valley Cheeses is pretty good, went out there a few weeks ago. Their other stuff wasn’t bad but nothing to write home about i thought. Their Goats Cheese camembert (could have been brie) was really nice.. just a bit boring. 😉
Persian Fetta

Jindi cheese seems to do pretty well for the most part (even though you find them at coles)
Their Supreme (costs like 8 bux)
Jindi Supreme

Want to try this :

“On face value you might take it for a fearsomely flavoured blue but you’d be in for a surprise. It’s not highly scented, the goat milk adds a sweetness to the cheese and the blue just brings in another flavour. It’s quite sticky and creamy in the mouth, with a pleasant lingering flavour.”*

Which is Strzelecki Goat’s Blue from Tarago River – the same people that make Shadows of Blue :love:

Both the last two come from gippsland but i haven’t yet worked out if they have cafe’s or whatever to visit.

I like cheese 😀

ps Images and * ripped from the tasty blog to your right.. 🙂




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