Weekends and Websites

10 04 2007

It’s a funny thing when the whole world takes a holiday.. the western part anyway. Most of our holidays here are Australia-only or Melbourne-only so i’m unused to the idea that everyone else shouldn’t keep updating websites that i like while i go on holiday.

On easter though, it’s like the world just took a big break. Probably because of public holidays. I assume they have them everywhere, but we get easter friday (good friday?) and easter monday off, for some religious reason i fail to grasp. Having a four day weekend is awsome though, and i can’t complain.

Especially when thursday was a holiday of sorts as well. My work had their 10 year anniversary, so they took us to yearling station in the yarra ranges (east of melbourne) for a boozy lunch at a winery. The food was good, but as we were a large group they’d told us that we could only have three choices.. and the choices picked left a bit to be desired. Sure they weren’t bad, but weren’t fantastic either. Vegetarians have a lot to answer for, the two of them took 1/3 of our food choices!

Work 10 Year Anniversary

Still, was a good meal and a great day, and i’d reccomend the place to anyone. Last night went to Monk & Me, a Malaysian resteraunt in Camberwell which was pretty good, no pictures though. Kate – my aunt who’s younger than me – got a job in Launceston (Tasmania) so it was kindof a farewell for her. She got a job down there as a vet, had been having trouble finding a job locally. I’m sure it’d go well. I had fun in launceston when i was there last year (feb 06), though their food and wine ‘festivale’ probably had much to do with it. 😉





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